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I created this site to showcase my skill set in pursuit of a role that will fully utilize it with accountability for results in a dynamic environment.

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Major Accomplishments
  • Designed, deployed, and scaled enterprise wide collaboration to 9000+ users.
  • Managed capacity and performance while growing to 3.2 TB and 6M+ documents.
  • Trained IT staff and automated processes with extensive scripting.
  • Reducing operating costs by migrating legacy web platforms to SharePoint.
  • 99.5% uptime including maintenance.

Technologies and Expertise

SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Server 07 / 03
C# WSS 3.0 / 2.0
SharePoint Designer JavaScript / JQuery
Workflow SQL 08R2 / 08 / 05
Mobile (BlackBerry / Android) Buiness Intelligence
Active Directory PowerShell
SQL Server 08R2/08/05    
IIS 7.5/7.0/6.0 Networking (NLB, DMZ,..)
Windows Server 08R2/08/03 Auth (NTLM, Kerb, Claims)
Windows Vista / XP Security

Chicago Cares
Volunteer for US Citizenship Exam preparation at Centro Romero. Read books with underprivileged children at Lydia Home. Help with Bingo night for seniors at Lakeview nursing home.

DePaul University ASK
Alumni Sharing Knowledge

Volunteer often for undergraduate student job shadowing in my field. Give practice interviews and coaching for undergrads entering the market. Attend networking events and give speeches to student groups like Alpha Psi Lambda, the co-ed Latino fraternity, on business subject such as interviewing skills.

Peer Mentorship
Take every opportunity to develop my coworkers and coach them through new projects that expand their horizons. I can only be as successful as the people around me. Winning as a team is incredible for job satisfaction and productivity.

Master of Business Administration 2007

Graduate business school helped me form the mindset that's required to compete in today's ever dynamic marketplace. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. Here I have selected models to frame problem solving, change efforts, and competition.


Bachelor of Business Administration 2003

Undergrad was a broad study that solidified my interest in business while providing me diverse tools for solving every day problems. I both began one year early and graduated six months early while under full scholarship. I graduated second in my class while completing two internships with Fortune 500 companies. GSU will always hold a special place in my mind for its pragmatic approach and downtown business savvy.

Certificates from Industry and Academia
Education and accomplishment are very important to me. Here I have selected a wide array of recognition received in recent years to demonstrate some of my abilities. The paper was not the end goal - the experience was.


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